Each track will be meticulously recorded with the finest microphones and preamps available. A track of similar quality would cost over $50,000 in equipment alone, plus the expense of renting the studio time and hiring the best drummer you could find.

I use Yamaha Recording Custom Birch (1983, 1986, 1990) 20", 22" (x2), Maple Custom (2001) 20", Vintage Ludwig (1969) 22", 20" (Wood)24" & 26" (Acrylic) Slingerland 18" and Precision Drum Co. 16"x 18" and 16"x 24" (2012) bass drums. Toms are Yamaha Recording Custom Birch, Maple Custom Classic 1960's Ludwig, Classic 1970's Ludwig including a Vistalite 12" and 18", Pork Pie 13" and 14" and Precision Drum Co.

Pick your Sound:  "The Most Recorded Drum in History"  1967 Ludwig Supra-phonic 5x14..... a Rolling Stone/Led Zeppelin sound?....1965 6.5x14 Ludwig "402"  or a 2012 Ludwig 6.5x14 "Black Beauty" ....A Cream sound?...1941 8x14 Leedy Broadway Standard with Calf Batter Head. Beatles perhaps? ...1961 Ludwig 5.5x14  Jazz Festival "Ringo Drum", 1928 Ludwig and Ludwig Solid Mahogany Super Ludwig , 1958 Ludwig 6.5x14 Super Classic White Marine Pearl, 1958 3x13 Ludwig "Jazz Combo" Piccolo or 1962 Ludwig 6.5x15 "Phat Festival". How about Jazz ... 1961 Gretsch "Renown" 5.5x14....2012 Precision Drum Co. 5x14 Maple...1924 Ludwig and Ludwig 4x14 N.O.B., 1929 Ludwig and Ludwig C.N.O.B. "Super Ludwig" 6.5x14 with Calf Heads Top and Bottom, 1969 Ludwig "Downbeat" 4x14. Big Band? ...1937 Solid Maple 6.5x14 Radio King , or 1998 Fibes 6.5x14 Fiberglass..... a high poppin' snare... a Custom made 2011 Venable/Pearl/Precision Drum 6x12 Soprano. A Steely Dan Snare? 1986 3.5x14 Yamaha Piccolo....You can pick your snare from my large collection of vintage and custom made snares to suit your needs, including a Custom Walnut Craviotto a Precision "SuperSonic" 5x14 wood shell, a 2017 WFL III 6.5x14 Aluminum and 6.5 3 ply Maple Snare, the WFL III Top Hat and Cane Acrylic, and 5 ply Mahogany 6.5x14 drums and last but not the least a 1997 Gold (Lang) Gladstone (#23) 7x14 custom drum (the same kind and look that Billy Gladstone had as his personal drum ...plus many other top choices.

All drums are in pristine condition and all have a unique sound!

Snare Drums:

22 of 32 Snare Drums

22 of 32 Snare Drums

Craviotto  "Custom Solid Walnut" 6.5x14 (2008)

Leedy  "Broadway Standard" 8x14 (1941)

Slingerland   "Radio King" Solid Maple 6.5x14 (1937)

Ludwig & Ludwig  "Dance Model" Heavy Brass N.O.B.  4x14 (1924)

Ludwig "Supraphonic"  5x14 (1967)

Ludwig 6.5x14 402 (1965)

Rogers  "Dynasonic" C.O.B.5x14 (1968)


Yamaha  "Piccolo Brass" 3.5x14 (1987)

Yamaha "Billy Cobham" Maple 6x14 (2001)

Yamaha  "Recording Custom"  Wood Hoop Birch  8x14 (1983)

W.F.L. (Ludwig)  "Supra"Model 401 Heavy Brass 5x14 (1958)

Ludwig&Ludwig/Venable "Super Ludwig" Solid Mahogany 5x14 (1928)

Ludwig  "Super Classic"  6.5x14 (1958)

Ludwig  "Jazz Festival"- (Ringo Snare) 5x14 (1961)

W.F.L. (Ludwig) Parade Drum Calf Heads 10x14 (1956)

Ludwig "Vistalite" Parade Drum  12x15 (1976)

Ludwig "Downbeat" 4x14 (1971)

Ludwig & Ludwig  "Super Ludwig"  N.O.B. 5x14 (1927)

Fibes "Fiberglass SFT"  6.5x14 (1998)

Leedy & Ludwig/Venable  6.5x14 (1953)

Pearl  "Free Floating" Brass 6.5x14 (1984)

Ludwig "Piccolo" Snare 3x13 (1979)

Ludwig "Black Beauty" 6.5x14 (2012)

Precision Drum Company/Vaughncraft/Venable Solid Rosewood Snare 6.5x14 (2012)

Ludwig "Phat Festival"  6.5x15 (1962)

George H. Way  "Aero"  Aluminum 6.5x14 (2012)

Precision Drum Company  "Custom Black Walnut & Curly Maple Solid Wood Stave Drum"  5x14( 2012)


DW "10-6" Maple Snare 5.5x14 (1986)

Gretsch 5.5x14 "Renown" (1961)

Precision "Buddy Rich SuperSonic 5x14" (2015)

Precision 5x14 "Buddy Rich SuperPrecision" (2015)